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Image by Annie Spratt


Cultivating Women's Health, Energy & Creativity

Anna Batsakes
Certified Integrative Health Coach
Qigong Instructor | Sound Baths

When You Have a Wealth of Energy,
You Can Envision More

Every aspect of your life impacts your well-being. Self-care of body, mind, and spirit can significantly decrease the stress your body manages on a  daily basis. Cultivating a healthy lifestyle generates energy. And when you have a wealth of energy, you can envision more.

If you are experiencing chronic health issues, supporting your health requires more than avoiding behaviors that exacerbate symptoms. Promoting health by eating nourishing foods, resting, exercising, and living with intention is key to your overall health.

Simple practices that develop your body's ability to heal, like mindful eating, tai chi and qigong, vagal toning, and life journaling, greatly influence your path to better health.  Making small changes can lead to great things.

I partner with you to explore your sources of strength and design your lifestyle medicine plan. As an integrative health coach, I am part of your healthcare team. My goal is to help you build sustainable, practices that lead to optimal health.  We look at your life, schedule, and needs and tailor a plan that works for you.

Through this process, you will develop a deep body/mind/spirit connection.  This connection nourishes meaningful choices and sustainable habits. It encourages flow in all areas of life, especially health, energy, and creativity.

I look forward to working with you!    

-Anna Batsakes


-Anna Batsakes

Artist, Mother

Integrative Health Coach, Certified by Duke Integrative Medicine

International Coaching Federation (ICF) Professional

National Qigong Association Certified Professional

25+ Years Experience Teaching Mindfulness,

Movement, & Embodiment Practices

Trained in MBSR  (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction)