Sound Meditations

Sound Healing & Sacred Movement

Sound and movement are healing. Discover exercises and sound meditations that heighten your natural flow. Develop a relationship with your bio-energy system to release tension and re-align with your body's natural healing power.

I combine somatic exploration, meditative movement, and sound healing to create a calmer, "more spacious" you. I Use Crystal Alchemy Bowls from Crystal Tones, which create an unparalleled sound healing experience. We journey through specific exercises to tap into your body's wisdom and heighten creative flow.

The thread of awareness developed between your energy anatomy and intuition leads to a sense of empowerment. It generates body wisdom and a commitment to choices that support authenticity and health.


Discover Sacred Movement & Sound Healing that supports your physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and creative health!

Group Dance

Sound Healing & Sacred Movment

Classes combine breath, moving meditation, vagal toning exercises, and sound bath healing to help you heighten and embrace your creative flow.