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A Mindfulness-Based Approach to Health & Well-being

When you have a wealth of energy, you can envision more.

Every aspect of your life impacts your health and well-being. How well you take care of your

body, mind, and spirit can significantly decrease the amount of stress your body manages daily. Less stress leaves more room for health, happiness, and growth. I call this the "energy cushion."


Discover meaningful lifestyle goals that are a fit for you. Identify behaviors that build energy, motivation, and awareness and establish new habits and self-care practices that support growth and creativity.

Making changes to support well-being often involves deciphering a constellation of symptoms and exploring myriad choices.   An integrative health coach can help you sift through the issues and help you build a strong vision of optimal health with the sustainable habits to support it.

Based on your focus, our coaching sessions may explore:

  • body awareness and mindfulness practices

  • nutrition and lifestyle,

  • movement, physical activity, and bio-energetic  care,

  • stress reduction & stress management

  • sleep. rest, and deep relaxation

  • mental and emotional well-being,

  • creative expression and life purpose,

  • physical environment

  • intentional creativity and authentic expression


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Having an intentional plan that helps you align your deepest intentions with the world around you helps you live your life to the fullest with a centered you at the core.

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