Updated: Sep 18, 2021

In Qigong, we often talk about the concept of spaciousness related to body, mind, spirit, and environment. Purging excess stress from the body is one of the powerful tenets of Qigong. With intention, we exhale using healing sounds and movements that suggest releasing energy back down to the earth, where it will be composted and recycled into fresh, vibrant qi. We open up the joints and tendons and release contraction to create space and movement for energy to flow.

We have all felt release and purging in our body at one time or another, maybe after a hard run or punching a heavy bag, but spaciousness feels different. There is no feeling of depletion or exhaustion but instead feelings of openness, generosity, and expansiveness. This release from tension, this expansion or growth from contraction, creates a sense of vibrancy and calm that helps center the body and makes room for objectivity and grace.

Spaciousness of mind is the pause that allows for responsiveness rather than reactivity, and this space comes with the power to choose skillfully. Centering and spaciousness are at the core of embodied awareness. Whether listening to your body and sensing its needs or responding to a challenging work situation, this mindful pause, this space to think, manage and respond, allows for intentional communication and meaningful connection.

When we meditate, whether sitting or moving, we de-clutter our minds. We aim to reclaim a simple state of awareness that is non-judgemental, free of concepts, filled with love and compassion, clarity and acceptance. We strive for freedom and flow. Flow state is when the magic happens, the ego falls away, time flies, and our whole being is involved in something we enjoy.

Qigong sets use movement, breath, intention, and awareness to achieve a flow state in the body. This, in turn, creates a feeling of relaxation, fulfillment, and bliss that moves us into a higher state of awareness and spaciousness that we can carry with us throughout the day. Cultivating and holding this spaciousness in ourselves, in our relationships, and with the community as a whole will help mend feelings of overwhelm and move us into a state of well-being where we can create and thrive as a culture.

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