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  • Anna Batsakes

What is Body Sensing, and How Can it Help You Live a Healthier Life?

Updated: Jan 15

Many of us have experienced yoga, meditation, or awareness exercises that include somatic or body-sensing practices. Body sensing, or the ability to accurately perceive and interpret internal physical sensations, is essential to overall health and well-being. The more in tune we are with our bodies and responses, the more we can walk through the world with wisdom and intention.

One of the main benefits of body sensing is that it helps us regulate our emotions and behaviors. For example, if we are hungry, we may become irritable or agitated until we eat something. By recognizing these internal sensations and responding appropriately, we can manage our emotions and behaviors more effectively. This is a powerful tool for the healthy living toolbox.

As we become more aware of our internal sensations, we can identify patterns and triggers that lead to unhealthy behaviors and find new, healthier ways to cope with them. We all tend to eat when stressed, but if we notice that we eat unhealthy foods when stressed, we may catch ourselves and move away from sugar or risky substances and find new, healthy ways to respond.

Body sensing can also have a positive impact on our connections with others. By being more aware of our physical sensations and needs, we can communicate them more effectively to others, leading to healthier and more satisfying relationships.

At Five Swans, lifestyle medicine coaching introduces clients to body-sensing micro-practices to help achieve awareness and success in lifestyle change. We may start the session with mindful awareness, a simple body scan, or a qigong exercise. Learning short, simple practices to ground, center, and connect is the first step in acquiring interoception. Body awareness builds with each simple approach. This can help you remain aligned, relaxed, resilient, and energized on your health journey.

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